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Adam James-Parr has made a massive impact in the fitness industry over the last 12 months with many dubbing his physique as the ''ideal.'' He's strong (very strong!!), lean, muscular and powerful. What's there to improve? With that said we wanted to delve into his plan, what he does, how he achieves his awesomeness and educate our readers!

Thanks for joining us mate! To get started, what's your background?

Rugby has always been my passion, I played for England at U16 + 18's and played professionally for a year before moving to Loughborough University. I studied Sports Science and Nutrition for 3 years. Since 2005 I have been a Personal Trainer based in Birmingham.


Great! What are your achievements on stage?

In April 2013 I competed for the first time winning Miami Pro World Championships - Muscle Model 75kg+ category!

Amazing! Now you’re close to the worlds - how is prep going?

I'm 12weeks out from WBFF London, prep is going extremely well. Had my best off- season managed to add good size to my frame, which will hopefully be seen when I step on stage in London.

Fantastic! Moving to nutrition - how important is it on scale 1-10?

10! Nutrition and discipline is everything if you are going to compete. Of course there is room for cheats and meals out, but nutrition is the absolute basis of a physique.

What's the biggest mistake beginners make with their nutrition?

Not eating enough I would say, and trying to be lean all year. If you want to add muscle mass you need to be prepared to step back and eat in a surplus. I see too many food diaries where people are trying to start a 12week prep starting on 2,000 – 2,500 kcals.... And when they reach a sticking point they can only drop those kcals lower and lower. My advice would be to have a productive off- season - push your kcals slowly higher and then begin a slow cut. Be patient.

Top advice! What are your key fundamentals with nutrition?

High carbs on training days in and around my workout and lower carbs and higher fats to make up kcals on non-training days is a good summary. What's a typical day eating? I eat 6 meals a day to get the kcals I need in evenly spread throughout the day and then a pre/ intra and post- workout shake on training days. Normally I always have a shake to start the day with oats/whey or flaxseed and whey then 5 meals. Chicken, salmon, cod, tuna and eggs are regulars with plenty of green vegetables and then my favourite carb sources are quinoa and sweet potato.


Is nutrient timing important or not?

Massively. I have a basic template for eating on training days and non-training days. The combinations of my meals will consist of protein and fat or protein and carbs. As mentioned above the timings of my carbs is in and around my workouts on training days no matter what time of the day I train.

On to training, what are your fundamental beliefs here?

I love lifting heavy weight and always always will. I train with a push/ pull legs split; I did for my Miami Pro split and will do the same for WBFF. Push days emphasis will be on lifting heavy on incline press, vertical press's and weighted dips. Pull big lifts with be either dead lifts (every other week) or t-bar row with some pull ups/ assistance row movements. Then leg day my program rotates but will be based on heavy leg press, box squat or lunges with a lot of posterior chain work e.g glut ham raises.

Old school! The way we love it. What are the biggest mistakes beginners make?

Spending too much time with fluffy exercises and not building a foundation of strength. When stepping on stage your legs and back will only have that thick dense look if your program is based around heavy compound lifts. Nobody has built a thick back doing latt pull downs and reverse flyes.

What's a typical weeks split?


Upper body push/ upper body pull/ rest day/ legs / rest day repeat. Throughout contest prep my cardio (LISS and HIIT) will be done on "off days".

Awesome! How valuable are supplements?

Supplements are the icing on the cake, but nutrition is the core. I am lucky enough to be fully sponsored by Grenade - you have access to some of the best supplements on the market. During contest prep I will be using their Ration Pack, Thermodetonator, 50cal and AT-4.

What are the 5 must have things in your life?

Nike trainers

6 pack fitness bag 

House music

BOSE headphones

iPhone charger!

Wonderful! Thank you mate!

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