Eating On The Road! Where Failure Never Happens

Tomorrow I leave the house at 3:50am, which is something I am categorically not looking forward to. There’s early and then there is rude, that’s just rude! The reason for this obscene hour is to be in Birmingham city centre at 8:30am – from my residence in deep rural Wales that will be just enough time with a short window for a meal and coffee on the way up (pre-packed in my 6Pack bag of course!).

Why am I telling you this? Simply because whilst on the road most people succumb to the temptation of eating on the road, in filling stations, motorway services and fast food chains. Each time you set off you kid yourself that you will find the right food, 95% of the time you won’t. Earlier this year I was in Brighton Marina, I found a place which did sweet potato wedges with chicken, I couldn’t believe my luck. Then I enquired as to how they were cooked and as you might guess they were deep fat fried. Great. . . .Not!

So, with a journey of this magnitude in-line I need to be prepared. From 8:30am I am filming 4 training episodes and some on top of that – all my food will need to be ready for me otherwise I will end up missing meals, getting hungry and being more prone to cheating as acute hunger sets in.

Below are three ways I will ensure my nutrition isn’t compromised to any extent!

1 – 6 Pack Bag
The 6 pack bag my better half bought me is a true God send during events like this. I cook all my food for the next day, put it into the containers and pack it all up. It sits wonderfully in the boot of my car and I know no matter what my meals are with me. I will be having a traditional ‘cook up’ tonight. Anyone who travels even occasionally needs one of these bags in their life!!

2 – Protein Bars
Whilst all my necessary food will be packed when filming there is always half a chance that the day passes, the deadlines get a little close and the film crew won’t want you stopping to eat a full blown meal. In that instance I will revert to my beloved PhD Diet Whey bars (chocolate orange of course!!) which I always keep at least 4 on me at any one time in my 6Pack bag.

3 – Dry Snacks
Other snacks which I carry a lot of when I travel include rice cakes (always caramel, standard!) for my carbohydrate needs, macadamia nuts (yummy!) for when I need additional fats and also a banana boiled eggs for added protein and fats. Having things like this on your person, more specifically in your 6Pack bag makes life a lot easier when the service station’s best offering is fish and chips!!

As you can see, when travelling my 6Pack bag keeps me on track. Staying on track requires effort that’s all and a little planning.

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