Boredom & Food! Defeating The Obstacle!

Boredom, something we all experience at some point at varying levels. It can go from being a little fidgety to the point where watching a film only 3 other people in history have watched would be more exciting than what you’re currently doing. Ultimately, boredom can be a big issue for a lot of us and it is at this time whereby we tend to go off the rails a little with our eating.

This discussion was inspired by a short journey from my desk to the car to get a minty fresh piece of chewing gum. I was getting the urge to peck at something that something could so easily turn into something I shouldn’t so I used the gum to remedy the issue. Even if it isn’t boredom (I’m far from bored, I am engaged with my work!!)  It is the desire of habit. Boredom, habit, call it what you want – we need to address this and help more people overcome this issue.

First off we can talk a little about why. Why is it that when we get a moment of spare time or a break in the day we instantly feel the need to grab something and eat? I suggest it goes back to our younger years, as kids we love to nibble when we are bored. In fact sometimes adult’s use it as a remedy to the boredom of a child and from there habits develop.

Then we also have the comforting aspect, food is often used during moments of stress. Boredom can be directly related to a form of stress which means that food can quickly grow to be your ‘’go to’’ solution.
It can be a vicious circle. Here are 3 things you can do to help combat boredom and the issues that come with it.

1 – Think
When you find yourself in a moment of boredom and you go through the motions, searching the cupboards for some hidden treasure stop and think. ‘’What am I doing, do I really want this?’’ Often, simply questioning yourself will be enough of a deterrent.

2 – Solutions In Place
For those moments when food is one the agenda and point one is going to do nothing to stop you. Instead of the usual junk you reach for have better options available. Raw carrot sticks, a small handful of nuts or a yummy PhD Diet Whey bar (chocolate orange is sensational!!). This will help!

3 – Motivation
Sometimes you need to suck it up and the best way to do that is to reach out to your idol. They will go through the same stuff too; they just overcome it which allows them to be where they are today! Watch their videos, read their articles, read their social media posts. Keep yourself motivated!

Use these tips to help combat boredom!

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