Blast From The Past - 6 Food Myths!

It doesn’t take many minutes on the internet or in a fitness magazine to stumble across myths which litter newsfeeds and columns alike. Some are simply misinterpretations of a study as where others are downright insane! In an effort to arm our readers with good, solid foundation knowledge we are going to fire down 6 of the most common myths in regards to foods. Hold tight, you might take a moment to accept these aren’t strictly accurate.

1 – Whole Eggs Are Bad

The stigma attached to whole eggs originated from a study which illustrated that they do indeed increase cholesterol. Cholesterol is bad, therefore so are eggs. Right? We hear that more than 4 eggs a week is bad. The thing is we have LDL (low density lipids) and HDL (high density lipids) which are both cholesterols – eggs increase HDL which is the ‘’good’’ stuff. In doing so this helps suppress LDL levels. GREAT! This is why we can’t agree that whole eggs are bad for you. Beyond that they are also enriched with vitamins and saturated fat which is great for healthy hormone production. Always opt for organic though due to the difference in fat profiles (and aminos).

2 – No Carbs After 6PM

There is a rule we often hear in relation to carb intake – PTs will prescribe this ‘’no carbs after 6PM’’ rule. There’s no reason why this is an issue. If anything it is one of the better times to consume them with studies supporting the idea that insulin sensitivity is improved later in the day which means you are able to utilise carbohydrates better. This in turn aids fat loss and muscle growth!

3 – Protein Will Make You Bulky

This is one for the ladies. We need protein to develop muscle tissue but we also need it for many other health reasons all the way down to nail regeneration. Taking on more protein or protein shakes won’t make you bulky! With one tenth of the testosterone of a man you don’t have the hormonal ability to get bulky. However what it might do is improve satiety, blood sugar management and overall health.

4 – Fruit & Milk Is Godly

There is nothing to say we shouldn’t eat/drink fruit or milk however the belief that they are guilt free and ‘’only good’’ is crazy. Milk isn’t ideal due to the high sugar content therefore tread carefully. Many fruits fall into the same category. Berries are your best bet on the fruit front – they are the most nutritious as well!

5 – Fruit Juices

We often hear about how good fruit juice is for us and that it can be one of our 5 a day. The problem here is that processed fruit juice will lose its fibre content – what this equates to is an almost pure sugar solution. Not great for insulin health or blood sugar management which can directly impact on your fat loss goals.

6 – Calories In vs. Calories Out

We often hear people saying that weight loss is merely a matter of calories in vs. calories out. Science has debunked this theory on so many levels it has become comic book material. The thing is this theory doesn’t account for digestive health or hormonal reactions to different foods. Macros and the quality of macros count! (macronutrients aka ‘’macros’’ are protein, fats and carbs.)

There’s a little debunking for you! Knowledge is power.

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