Beating ''Skinny'' Genetics!

Whatever it is you feel you’re genetically designed to NOT achieve i.e. fat loss or muscle mass will always feel like a harder goal to achieve. Some burn fat with ease as where others need 20 weeks to make significant changes. In contrast, those individuals can often add size easily. Those who walk around with 6 packs all year often struggle to add muscle to their frame. It’s a cliché scenario where the grass is always greener on the other side.
In a two part series we are going to explore some of the best remedies for individuals on both sides of the fence.

Today we shall start with ‘’hard gainers’’ – those guys who would do anything to add a little (a lot!!) mass to their frame.

1 – Calories Count
Calories count; we know this by the laws of thermodynamics. However, with hard gainers who can eat pizza for breakfast and still have a body fat count in the minuses they REALLY count where adding mass is concerned. Before we get into anything more intricate your overall calorie intake needs addressing. Typically 20-25 calories per pound of lean body weight would be a good starting point for somebody who doesn’t gain weight easily.

2 – Carbs
Some people need to be carb wary whilst others need to exercise utmost care when considering carb intake. You on the other hand need to understand that carbs are undeniably your friends!! Carbohydrates are very anabolic in the sense they can force a more aggressive spike in insulin which is the most anabolic hormone in the body – in turn nutrients are driven to the muscle cell efficiently. Provided you don’t have issues with insulin health this is great. Generally those in this category have amazing glucose tolerance. Aiming for around 2.5-3g per pound of body weight.

3 – Fats
Once you have hit your carb and protein intake (aim for 1-1.5g of protein per pound of body weight) the rest comes from fats. There will almost certainly be a significant quota to achieve every day. Good fats are fantastic for promoting growth by supporting optimal hormone production. They are also great for adding calories to meals fast because every gram contains 9 calories rather than the 4 calories you get from each gram of protein of carbohydrates. Nuts, nut butter, avocado, red meat, oily fish and whole eggs are all fantastic ways forward!

4 – Meal Frequency
To pack on mass we want to do everything possible to tick all the boxes. Eating every 3-4 hours will help improve protein turnover leading to a positive nitrogen balance more of the time. This is desirable for mass!

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Implement these four rules into your plan and watch yourself grow, at last!

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