All Forms Of Success Teach Us Something!

The power of the mind is almost limitless, we often discuss it here on FitMag and with good reason – if you can channel your energy into moving forward the momentum will build fast! Sometimes when we get caught up in all the ‘’fitness’’ spiel it is nice to search for perspective from other walks of life. It is my belief that we can learn an awful lot from successful business tycoons when talking about creating the correct mind-set to develop the physique of the dreams.

Immediately some of you will notice the correlation as others will not. Let me explain a little further.

When we analyse and read about the story of most successful business men and women similar traits and patterns quickly emerge. They started out, they often got knocked down, they got back up, they were consistent, they kept doing the necessary things on a daily basis, they were willing to make sacrifices and they made it their ‘’life’’ rather than flitting from productive to obstructive. Pretty much every point in that sentence rings true with those who have built a top notch body!

We can break the ‘’like for like’’ mind-set between business tycoons and those who sport head turning physiques into 3 key areas.

1 – The Will To Win
From the off-set there is belief. They don’t start out with doubt or negative thoughts – they have the goal in their mind and they WILL achieve it. Instantly by mentally empowering themselves they remove a mass of potentially hurdles. With this set in place the desire to overcome any obstacle will be much stronger and it will also become instinct. This point means there will be no risk of you compromising on your goals. It’s the best start!

2 – Living The Goal
When that goal is set in stone and it tops your priorities list (respectively) you begin to live it. It becomes habit and good habits often develop into reality. In the same way a successful entrepreneur will work whatever hours necessary to achieve their goal out of habit rather than ‘’clock off’’ you will learn to eat well across the days, weeks and months. That turns into years and in turn the results stack up! Living the goal is key!

3 – Like Minded Minds
Successful business people often surround themselves with those who can empower them, educate them and drive them from experience i.e. those who have been there and done it or who are doing it. We can relate that to building a physique – ensuring the right coaches are in place, the right friends who support your goals rather than make them more difficult and even having idols you follow in order to provide motivation.

Clearly there is a definitive cross-over. Perhaps we could go one step further and suggest those who are successful at whatever they do portray many of the same habits and traits as one another. With that said, be inspired by those who walked a long walk to achieve their goal whatever it was. It will be relevant to your journey to building muscle or burning fat! No question about it.

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