6 Habits For Mass! Long Term Gains

For all the tricks, tips and secrets we could share with you there are few things which will replace good habits. If you were to employ 10 of the very sexiest, best muscle building tips for 10 weeks they still wouldn’t yield better results than generally ‘’good’’ habits across 12 months and even beyond that. The message here is that consistency always prevails above any quick fix, always. Even natural athletes who live by these habits daily carry more mass and strength than those who use PEDs (performance enhancing drugs) for short periods married with a mediocre diet.

To help you become one of those who makes long term progress we have listed down the best ‘’habits’’ to support muscle mass.

1 – Don’t Skip Meals!
The age old philosophy that eating regularly will speed your metabolism has been debunked by science; however eating every 2-4 hours is still viewed as optimal for muscle mass. Why? Glad you asked! Increased protein synthesis leading to a positive nitrogen balance (more frequently) will in theory lead to more anabolism. With that said during the day eat every 2-4 hours!! Don’t skip meals.

2 – Workout Nutrition
Within their eating habits anyone who makes progressive steps will have these two habits set in stone – pre and post nutrition! To get more from your workouts and combat catabolism you must fuel up correctly pre-training. A protein rich meal to flush the blood with amino acids and some carbohydrates is often a great combination for mass. The same can be said for post-training yet we want a faster digesting carbohydrate here to promote a more aggressive insulin spike. After breakfast these are the most important meals of the day.

3 – Hydrated
The body consists of approximately 70-80% water. With that said if you are dehydrated your ability to build muscle will be dramatically impaired! Aim to drink 1 litre per 50lbs of body weight (within reason) and keep hydrated around the clock!

4 – Stay Lean!
We aren’t talking shredded abs here we are just saying don’t allow yourself the freedom to gain rolls of fat around your waist. The higher your body fat (within reason) the less anabolic you become. Why? The aromatase enzyme lives in fat cells and it is responsible for the conversion of testosterone into estrogen! Not ideal for muscle mass!! Don’t go above 12-15% body fat.

5 – Eat Enough!
Whilst staying relatively lean is a priority make sure you eat enough to facilitate growth! Many people under eat consistently which leads to consistently poor results. Anywhere between 18-25 claories per pound of body weight is about right for mass!

6 – Supplements
These guys don’t look for the next magic pill, instead they use the proven products day in day out as part of their long term strategy! Reflex Creatine Monohydrate, BSN Amino X and PhD Whey HT+ are all good places to start.

Implementing these 6 habits into your long term game plan will instantly yield better results!

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