3 Fast Recipes Which Make You Go 'Yum'

I recently moved into a new place with my girlfriend of 7 years, we are loving it! One of the things you inevitably do more of is watch TV together as ‘’down time’’ and some of the stuff we watch is all about cooking. Master Chef and Jamie Oliver 15 Minute Meals are two of our favourite shows and whilst I sit there thinking ‘’can’t eat that crap’’ I am abstracting some stellar tips and ideas about improving certain dishes I eat as well as prescribe to clients.

Let’s see if any of these quick recipes take your fancy!

1 – Special Breakfast

I wouldn’t advocate this as an everyday frenzy however on a Saturday morning following a tough week I think this is a great way to start the day! Especially for bacon lovers.
2-3 slices bacon
Parmesan cheese
Red onion
2-3 large mushrooms

Cook the bacon until crispy before dicing it up – after cooking the mushrooms mix the cooked bacon and red onions together and serve on top of the mushrooms and sprinkle with parmesan cheese! Delicious!

2 – Oat Crumble

Apple pie is possibly my favourite dessert and whilst I try and convince myself the insulin load post-legs is ‘’needed’’ I don’t think the excess trimmings are warranted. With that said I have improvised to try and emulate a similar taste whilst avoiding the unwanted guilt. This makes for a perfectly healthy dessert.

½ cup oats
¼ cup almond milk
1 sliced cooking apple
Handful blackberries
Handful chopped almonds

Place the sliced apple in the bottom of  a small baking dish along with the berries. Mix the oats with the almond milk and sliced almonds thoroughly before spreading evenly over the apple and berries. Allow to cook until the oats are very gently browned – approximately 10-12 minutes in the oven.

Top tip – to increase the protein content of this super dessert why not enjoy it with a PhD Whey HT+ Protein Shake? We fell chocolate complements this dish the best.

3 – Breakfast Smoothie

My girlfriend doesn’t have a great appetite yet I want to ensure she is fuelled for the day appropriately. With that said I have put together a range of smoothie recipes for her to utilise and below is her favourite.

½ peach
½ kiwi
Handful mixed berries
2 chopped fresh strawberries
3 tablespoons Greek yogurt (full fat)
Teaspoon of flaxseeds
Handful ice cubes

The preparation is simple – throw it all into the blender and hit that button!

Hopefully you feel that the small part of my time spent watching these TV shows is paying off and reflecting in my ideas in the kitchen!!

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