Feel More Energised Whilst You Train In 3 Easy Steps!

Any serious athlete will have a vested interest in improving energy levels and thereafter preserving them. Whether you fight in the cage, run miles on end or lift mountains of the weight the fact remains, energy supply is essential to optimal performance. Today we are going to explore various avenues you can pursue in order to enhance your energy levels and beyond that preserve them that bit better during your training sessions.

1 – Caffeine
Most people know that caffeine is a buzz word for ‘’energy’’ and ‘’alertness’’ and they would be right. Caffeine stimulates the CNS which in turn leads to the secretion of neurotransmitters like dopamine and acetylcholine. Catecholamine is something else caffeine can increase the secretion of via stimulation of the SNS which is known to increase heart rate, blood flow into the muscle and even send signals to the liver to release sugar into the blood. Finally, there is a theory that the structure of caffeine is similar to ATP, the muscle’s fuel. As a result the body will ‘burn’ caffeine opposed to ATP which in turn prolongs ATP stores. In short, there is a lot which supports the value of caffeine as a pre-workout stimulant. It would appear a strong black coffee really is a great start to your pre-workout nutrition plan.

2 – Fat
Carbohydrates are the focus for most athletes looking to ‘’fuel’’ up and with good reason, they are a must! Most sports are glycolytic therefore you need a steady stream of carbs – no questions about it (provided you can utilise them!!). However fats are often overlooked. When you consider fats are glycogen sparing it makes sense to use them as well! Provided your glycogen levels are loaded 1-2 days before your game have a high fat carb free day! Go HIGH with fats; a 200lb man might hit 250g! Then return to normal. See how you feel.

3 – Intra-Workout Carbs
One of the biggest revelations in the sports supplement sector has to be intra-workout carbohydrate intake. Gaspari Glycofuse is the marketing leading intra-workout carbohydrate supplement. It’s a complex blend of carbohydrate powders which helps replenish muscle glycogen levels very quickly during the workout. In turn ATP resynthesis is supported.

By implanting these basic changes to your nutrition you can look to improve energy levels and beyond that preserve energy levels.

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