10 Questions With Killian Greenwood

There’s nothing like an inspiring story to get you out of bed early in the morning and get on with your training, food prep and planning for a stronger, leaner and healthier physique. Today we are going to run 19 year old Killian Greenwood through a quick ‘’10 snap’’ Q&A to inspire the younger readers of FitMag! He’s young but he has achieved a lot with his physique,

1.Give us some background information please!

I am a 19 year old fitness model based in London, where I am currently studying sports science. I entered my first competition, the Miami Pro World Championships in April of this year, where I placed 2nd. I am now concentrating on the WBFF European Championships, which is being held in London for the first time, this November. I recently had an awesome photo shoot in Barbados.

2. What inspired you to compete?

I have been interested in having and developing an aesthetic physique for some time. However I never followed a strict enough diet or a very well planned training regime. I applied to run the London marathon a while back, and when my application was rejected I entered the Miami Pro.

3. What have been the fundamental rules you have stuck to in order to build this physique at 19?

Pushing myself hard when lifting weights and dieting without cheating when a competition or photo shoot is looming. When training before I wouldn’t push myself as hard, nowadays I don’t plan rest days and my training intensity has improved massively. The dieting is tough, not as tough as people think it is, but I do have times where I really crave something  that I just can’t eat.

4. What are your fundamental nutritional beliefs?

Dairy and gluten don’t agree with me certainly, and I believe this is the case for most people so cutting these avoids bloating and water retention. I think eating the right kinds of carbs is essential, so brown rice, sweet potato, and gluten free oats are three great examples.

5. What are your fundamental training beliefs?

HIIT cardio on an empty stomach before breakfast is incredibly effective for burning fat, far more so than continuous cardio training. Overtraining is largely a misconception, if your diet is good and you are getting enough rest, your body is capable of training at high intensities very frequently.

6. What is a typical day's eating?

Breakfast - gluten-free porridge for breakfast with manuka honey, blueberries a banana, 10 egg whites , 2 egg yolks

Morning - Steak, brown rice and asparagus

Lunch - chicken, sweet potato, broccoli

Evening - turkey, spinach

Before bed - cottage cheese

7. How does it change with fat loss/muscle mass goals?

When I am approaching a photo shoot or competition, I will cut sugars such as fruit and honey. I will start carb-cycling in order to deplete my glycogen levels.

8. What supplements do you take?

I use a whey protein. I also take BCAA’s and ZMA. For general wellbeing I have a multivitamin, vitamin C and cod liver oils.

9. Which ones are 'key' for beginners?

I would recommend a multivitamin for everyone. To begin with getting the diet right is crucial, before supplementing it. BCAA’s are very effective as is getting enough protein when training intensely.

10.Future plans?

For now I am focussed on preparing as best I can for the WBFF European Championships in November. After that who knows. Whether I am competing or not when I am older I intend on training often for a long time to come.

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