Why Can't I Grow?

‘’I can’t gain weight, what shall I do?’’

This is a frequently asked question I hear almost every day. For those lucky enough (I will explain later why it’s ‘lucky’) who struggle to gain size yet gain no body fat whatever their vices appear to be in terms of ‘’dirty’’ food it comes down to intelligent eating. Well, training also matters as do supplements but you need to get deep into your nutrition and this is something we are going to cover today.


Whenever I see that word and more importantly in the context of building mass I get excited, does it mean I can finally delve into numbers I have only been allowed to in my dreams and the Christmas period before? No, I’m not a hard gainer and it doesn’t necessarily mean you can either. Just because you are a hard gainer doesn’t mean eating 7,000 calories of crap is the way forward. In fact, it just isn’t.

However, you need to eat a lot of calories. Just good ones. Almond butter, walnuts, macadamia nuts, Brazil nuts and almonds are all fantastic ways to quickly increase overall calorie intake and support anabolism with plenty of god fats.

Nutrient Timing

Nutrient timing is relevant, very relevant in my opinion. Yes, as a hard gainer I want you to cane good calories but I also think you need to focus on what you are eating and when. For hard gainers you need to really utilise carbohydrates, especially around your workouts. The two meals before your workout should be carb based and then at least 2 after, as well as a high carb and protein shake within 15 minutes of training. For those of you in this boat, carbohydrates around your workouts in large quantities are a major factor!

Digestive Performance

As a hard gainer you will inevitably eating more calories than most, thousands per day in all likelihood. With that said you need to take care of your digestive system and ensure it remains healthy. By doing this your body should be able to assimilate nutrients better, avoid excessive inflammation of the gut and in turn perform and grow better. I highly recommend adding green veggies with most of your meals and supplementing with PhD Greens Ph7 and Udos Digestive Enzyme.

For those hard gainers among you always remember that good nutrition and intelligent supplementation will play a key role in your development. You especially need to focus on this.

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