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Lagging muscle growth can be the cause for heightened frustration. We see so many people train, fail to gain any size and as a result pack the whole idea in and write it off. Provided your diet is on point and your training program isn’t bad and you use the right supplements you would have thought it should all happen right? Yes it should, however even if you got all these things right there are still other issues which might mean you won’t progress beyond a certain point. Biomechanical issues are one of them and it is often overlooked by many.

We will delve a little deeper today into the idea of biomechanical issues and how they might impinge on your progress.

A lot of people who lift develop issues with their posture due to the impact muscle imbalances can have on their scapulas. As a result their shoulder joints come under pressure, their back muscles ache and it becomes hard to get a decent workout in to stimulate muscle which after all is the whole point of a training session right?
The saying ‘’you cannot fire a cannon from a canoe’’ stands true here. If you have underlying issues with imbalances which are impinging your movement patterns then your ability to gain muscle and strength will be compromised not to mention your longevity in the gym.

If you think you might have issues in this area then we recommend you seek the opinion and advice of a specialist. Once they identity any issues you are better positioned to make an informed decision going forward.

A.R.T known as Active Release Therapy has gained a lot of popularity since been originally used on Royal Marines. It is form of soft tissue treatment which is said to potentially help the quality of your soft tissue. In relation to the scapula that means in theory they can move more freely and in turn remedy the issues outlined above. Of course, it won’t always work however many strength and performance athletes have found it works wonders for them. Maybe it is a worth a shot?

Focus on keeping your foundation solid, use treatments necessary to ensure your body is healthy and then you can start to progress at a much quicker rate.

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