What's Aspartame Doing To You?

Aspartame is a common sweetener used in many 'low-calorie' products favoured by dieters because it provides a 'sugary treat' without the sugar and accompanying glucose load. However, the biggest problem with all sweeteners - especially aspartame - is the effect it has on insulin.
When you ingest a sweetener it causes a release of insulin because of the sensory response received in the hypothalamus. Your body basically believes sugar is coming because of the sweet taste. This instructs your body to transport the incoming blood glucose to available cells.
But there is no sugar coming and because when dieting your blood glucose levels are low, there is a catecholamine release - stored energy is released from the cells into the blood stream. An increased catecholamine response creates further insulin release to utilise this excess blood glucose level. The result? A vicious cycle of insulin release and catecholamine response.
Not only are sweeteners detrimental to health - they deplete the vitamin precursors needed for serotonin production - they also upset your energy uptake and release cycle, resulting in less effective use and storage of energy that will disrupt your fat-loss efforts.

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