Triathletes - Supplements Which Can Help. . . .

Endurance athletes have enjoyed great help from certain supplements which aid in recovery and performance. Like never before athletes who compete in triathlons are seeing the benefits of supplementing their diets with strategic sports products.

Whilst muscle mass isn't the goal muscle fuelling and recovery is. Endurance athletes who have to utilise all major muscle groups for prolonged periods of time during a triathlon can quickly fall into a state of "under recovered." Using an all in one supplement such as PhD Synergy Iso 7 will help aid protein resynthesis which speeds up muscle recovery. The creatine and glutamine element will also help improve muscle performance for endurance athletes as well as aid recovery.

It would also be wise to utilise a high quality carbohydrate supplement during exercise to replenish glycogen levels within the muscle. In short this is the key to ensuring your muscles are able to support prolonged levels of activity during the event. Using it throughout the event is key, our choice is Gaspari Glycofuse (it also tastes amazing!!).

As mentioned previously the important element is keeping the body fuelled and enabling it to recover properly. During events such as a triathlon whereby the body is burning a lot of fuel the supplements above will inevitably support the athlete’s performance and recovery levels in conjunction with a well-planned diet.

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