The Sweet Truth!

Sugar arrived in the western diet in the 18th century and at no point since has its consumption slowed down. Indeed, its popularity has soared every decade since and today sugar is found in so many products it can be almost impossible to avoid.

But why is sugar so addictive and why do some constantly crave it? One probable cause is down to the bacterial balance within the gut.

Bad bacteria, such as H. Pylori, can cause inefficient absorption of nutrients, resulting in a weakened immune system. When our bodies require antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and amino acids for homeostasis, there is an increased use of nutrient substrates. When nutrient intake is low, signals are sent to stimulate hunger so you consume food to fix the problem.

Sugar is a quick and immediate source of energy and your body wants this quick hit over slow-release foods, such as protein.

But sugar has zero nutrients so these empty calories do not satisfy your body's need for food, so the whole negative cycle continues.

Healthy and balanced gut flora is essential for optimal health, as well as for muscle building and fat loss. Give your body the right balance by including probiotics because when your gut is healthy the sugar cravings disappear!

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