The Secret To Size - Time!

This article is inspired by one of the best coaches in the UK, Jordan Peters. Following on from one of his recent posts on the ‘’secret to size’’ I wanted to go one further. The message was that time is the secret and those who want gain loads of mass in a few short weeks are just being impatient and I happen to agree. There’s a lot we can do in 12 weeks to drastically improve your physique but ultimately time is the secret.

In this industry which is rife with ‘’28 days to size’’ style plans people can be forgiven for thinking there is a magic solution. You could argue the fitness industry is full of ‘smoke and mirrors’ and it wouldn’t unfair to say so.

I have lifted weight for seven years; I am approximately 50lbs heavier now than I was at 16 years of age with less body fat. I would call that a considerable transformation, yet as I said it has taken me seven years. Look at any of the top athletes in the industry and they all do the same things well.

. They train hard
. They eat well
. They use their supplements

And they do all of these things 90% of the year, being consistent. If you can marry consistency and time together then you will quickly see the results you have always wanted. If that isn’t clear enough here are three points you can read to up your consistency levels. It’s simple.

1 – Stick to your eating plan. Don’t skip meals, don’t add in food which shouldn’t be there and sustain this commitment for prolonged periods of time. Avoid being that person who starts and stops from one Monday to the next.

2 – Train hard, use proper form, full range of motion and stack the weeks up. Aim to get stronger, forcing the muscles to cope with new levels of stress. Above all else make your workouts count instead of counting them!

3 – If you can nail the first two points then this one will be worth your while. Be consistent with your supplement usage. Rather than flit from one to the next, use a solid stack and stick with them to aid your growth. Creatine Monohydrate, BCAAs, Whey Protein and Amino acids are your friends here.

Its basic yet most people get it wrong. Do the right things day in day out and the size will come. It always does!

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