The Power Of Public Goals!

The mind is a very powerful thing but you probably knew that whether you succeed or fail, it is usually your mind which allows you to do either. For all the pep talks ever published, and there have been some beauties there is more and more evidence which suggests that accountability is hard for the average person to achieve on their own. When we say ‘’own’’ we mean ‘’public.’’ It would appear making things a little more public gets your backside into gear and as a result results usually happen and a lot quicker at that.

We are going to teach you about the power of socially declared goals and how to benefit from them.

Human nature dictates that we don’t like to be seen as a failure, it just isn’t something we deal with very well at all. This is why many people keep their goals private; if they fail nobody can judge them or pass comment. Fair enough. However you should ignore those who do that anyway, unless it is constructive criticism of course. The second you make your goal a little more public then you are almost obliged to achieve it. Good or bad thing? It depends on the individual, however for most it should act as the catalyst they perhaps need to remain on task.

In fact we aren’t guessing, studies tell us this is the case. A large group of diabetic people looking to commit to healthier foods used something called a ‘’buddy system.’’ They had a mentor on hand so when they felt like giving in they reached out. The results across the group were much greater than a group who didn’t employ the same system.

Coincidence? Probably not.

1 – Family & Friends
Tell those closest to you what you are about to do. Nobody wants to miss out on achieving a goal which they have actively told their family and friends about.

2 – Coach
As the diabetic people in the study example used above did recruit yourself a coach. Having somebody who you know is that way inclined is likely to make you keep going, even before they have that inevitable pep talk with you.

3 – Social Media
Social media is the now. Another study done on people who were trying to quit smoking revealed that by being part of a group of likeminded people they were far more likely to stick to their path. The fact there were great physical distances didn’t matter, social media brought them all together.
If you find you always cop out then it might be time to get accountable. Declare your goals publicly.

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