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The idea of ‘’good’’ nutrition is simple. Getting the majority of your calories from single ingredient foods is undoubtedly better than from processed alternatives. The rest unfolds from here, but to see it unravel you need to commit to the first bit. Think of it as putting the horse before the cart, not the other way around. Single ingredient foods, namely items which rot or perish in a relatively short period of time opposed to those with a 12 year shelf life (exaggeration to make a point!!) trump most processed foods for health and in turn body composition reasons – let me expand on that point.

Referring back to the opening sentence, too many people put the cart before the horse. The focal point is weight loss or muscle growth, not health. If the body isn’t healthy then your progress on the aforementioned fronts will be compromised, that I assure you. Where do many toxins live? In fat cells. They need each other, make the body health and boom; you are on the road to a leaner meaner you. That’s just one example and isn’t the core of today’s discussion.

Those who merely focus on protein, carbs and fats overlook the importance of micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) and the hundreds if not thousands of functions they contribute towards. Food grown in enriched soil, animals farmed on nutrient rich diets and other natural products are inevitably going to provide you with more nutrition than something which was made in a factory (most of the time).

You then also need to consider that by avoiding a lot of additives and ingredients which you can read just about as well as you can read Martianish (foreign planet dialogue!!) you are going to look after your digestive system. It isn’t always a case of single ingredient foods being more abundant on good things but the fact that they lack agents which you are better off without. Think of an old fashioned farmer, their diet mainly built around fresh produce off the farm and they always seem to live long healthy lives.

Sure, even single ingredient foods can be an issue if their treated with chemicals (not all), you only need to eat non-organic carrots with the skins left on without thoroughly cleaning them to find that out. Upset tummy galore. However the overriding point is that 90% of your diet is best coming from the land rather than the factory as it were.

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