The 101 On Alcohol!

Everyone seems to love a drink whether it’s a few pints, a glass of red or a slug of whisky. Whilst we are experiencing the nicest weather in the history of British summers (maybe) I guess more and more are tempted to enjoy a few down at their local or in the back garden. So, is alcohol much of an issue or not for fat loss?

Each gram of alcohol contains 7 calories and to give you a little perspective each gram of protein and carbohydrate contains 4 calories. Fats contain 9 calories. Relatively speaking alcohol is calorie dense. Some more so than others, a pint of beer or lager will be far more detrimental than a glass of dry white due to the calorie differences. So we have our first stumbling block – it doesn’t take a heavy night out on the town to experience the negative aspect of alcohol consumption.

If that wasn’t bad enough, there’s worse. Calories are only part of the equation as you know. Everything you ingest causes some form of hormonal response, good or bad. Unfortunately alcohol doesn’t do us any favours on this front. Next time you are in a pub have a look at the men who drink frequently – I will bet a lot of them have relatively big bellies, maybe ‘’moobs’’ and weight around their face. Alcohol eats at our anabolic hormones and makes estrogen metabolisation more difficult due to its toxicity levels in the liver. This goes a long way to making your body a fat storing muscle burning haven. Before you commit to becoming ‘’T Total’’ just remember we need context – I am referring to those who consume alcohol on a frequent basis. Whilst that term is broad I would suggest weekly is a bad idea, on any level.

Many experts will tell you that it can take up to 3 days depending on consumption for the body to cleanse and therefore run at full capacity again. This will indeed hamper performance in the gym which as a result detracts from your progress. It’s getting more glum by the letter.

To bring the bad news to an end alcohol consumption can have a negative effect on food metabolisation. Whilst alcohol is floating through your veins the body is more interested in getting rid of it rather than utilising food which is why it can speed up the weight gain process for regular drinkers who eat the junk associated with a heavy night out.

Before you shut your computer off in anger, there’s a glimmer of hope. Well, kind of. A little moderation if you absolutely need it can work. By this I mean an occasional glass of your favourite poison. Try and keep it to 2-3 glasses once a month. It is better to have it at once than spread across weekends in my opinion.

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