Spotting Injuries! 3 Things To Look For

Injuries are often avoidable, there are many tell-tale signs before they occur and when they go bang we often only have ourselves to blame. Most human beings are guilty of saying ‘’it will be OK’’ and berry their head in the sand, ‘’it will pass’’ is the general attitude. Unfortunately it often won’t ‘’OK’’ and you could be left with an injury which will detract from your training and more importantly your health. Having suffered our fair share of injuries across the board at Team Monster we wanted to let you know what to look out for.

1 – Dull Aches

Dull aches are often the beginning of something worse. Often described as the equivalent of tooth ache in the joint you will get that irritation which makes you want to climb walls because it really gets under your skin, literally. If you are experiencing any dull aches, particularly in your lower back, shoulder joints or knees get it checked. The chances are a specialist in this area will be able to recommend a plan of action to reverse the issues and steer you free of future issues.

2 – Stabbing Pains

This is most common in the shoulder joint and is often due to rotor cuff issues or bicep tendon issues often exacerbated by a serious lack of mobility within the joint and potentially an imbalance within your back muscles, causing a constant rate of pressure to rest against the joint. This isn’t pleasant and as it progresses it can grow into a constant pain rather than one you only experience when lifting. Again, a specialist is your point of contact here. Don’t ever overlook any pain like this, you could be left with a pretty nasty injury if you do.

3 – Clicks

We all click that is normal however what is less normal is constant clicking in the same area, every time there is movement. If you experience this then there could be several issues which only a specialist can advise on.

Injuries are seriously unpleasant, unwelcome and a right pain (literally) to live with. If you are yet to experience one bad enough to concern yourself about the possibility of suffering from one then take our word for it. Taking precaution now will make your life a lot easier, hopefully prolong your health and in turn have a positive impact on your training. Learn from those who have gone before you.

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