Potato Lovers - 3 Fast Recipes!

One of the main complaints about shifting the dynamics of your lifestyle to ‘’healthy’’ eating is the food and the fact it can be bland. Meat, green veg and maybe some carbohydrate based food looks healthy but it’s dry. One of the most common carbohydrate sources we like to eat is potatoes. Potatoes are fantastic, their diverse, a great source of faster digesting carbohydrates and what’s more their very easy to make tasty. We see people eat them bone dry, possible microwaved and quiver. Why do that when there are so many possibilities to making them taste great without affecting the nutritional content?

Below are 3 ways you can enjoy your potatoes with little effort involved. That’s what we call a win-win!

1 – Potato Wedges
Rather than bang your potatoes in the microwave chop them into slices/wedges, drizzle a little extra virgin olive oil over them, season them with sea salt and black pepper and then put them in a baking tray. Depending on the heat used they will take 20-30 minutes typically. Let them brown nicely on the skin. This is a great way to add taste and texture to a meal. If you’re very creative then throw some mixed chopper peppers and red onion in as well to improve the taste and nutrition further.

2 – Roast Potatoes
If you had to come up with one food everyone loves surely these would be right up there yet when people ‘’eat healthy’’ they give them up. Why? Well, usually because people will drown them in lard to roast them. It’s unnecessary. Peel your spuds, chop them up and place them carefully in a saucepan with boiling water (be careful!!). Let them reach boiling point and stay there for 5-10 minutes before pouring the water away and placing the potatoes into a baking tray. Add a little extra virgin olive oil and cinnamon to them and then let them roast. They will taste amazing and will be perfectly healthy!! There’s no reason why you can’t enjoy ‘’roasties’’ every day provided your nutrition plan affords you the flexibility to have potatoes.

3 – Mash
Everyone loves roast potatoes and most love mash potato, its epic! Follow the same procedure as with your roast spuds – bring them to boiling point having peeled them for 5-10 minutes. Then get to mashing them. Here you can add a dash of skimmed milk and a nob of real full fat butter. Adding some sea salt will also make it taste that much better! Enjoy!

As you can see it doesn’t require huge effort to add flavour to your diet. Spuds are so diverse, enjoy them!

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