Overhauling Your Diet - Starting A New Chapter. . . .

Starting the journey is the hardest part and you decided it’s time, fantastic! You know that nutrition is important and you want to make sure you are abiding by the rules however you’re not quite sure what exactly they are. Not to worry, having conjured up enough courage and commitment to make a break for the starting line we will fill in the empty gaps with some top tips for you. Fat loss and improved health are probably your goals; this is what we would recommend you do with your diet for the first 12 weeks of the journey.

Look at it as laying the foundations for the future. Before we discuss what, let’s discuss why.

A lot of beginners who need to reduce body fat probably have some insulin resistance issues (it will differ from person to person in regards to the severity) due to the fact their diets will be too high in carbohydrates, low in fat and protein as well as fibre. This creates a myriad of issues which over time we can potentially iron out by improving your diet.

Let’s get into how.

These are general rules and that’s all you need to worry about now, a physique competitors diet isn’t for you as of yet (and probably doesn’t ever need to be either!). We need to increase your fibre intake and water. The latter is obvious, sip water through the day and aim for around 1 litre per 50lbs of body weight. Get more fibre in from green veggies and fruit. Right away we are going to help improve nutrient utilisation here. Great!

Now you need to increase protein intake. Most people on a typical ‘western’ diet will under eat on protein. Protein isn’t just for building and repairing muscle tissue, it has many important functions as far as supporting nail regeneration!! Protein will also help curb hunger, increase your metabolism and manage blood sugar levels.

Fats are underutilised, massively. Fats form approximately 60% of the brain which in itself tells you a lot about the importance of eating them. Fats are also fantastic for supporting fat loss and they will also provide other benefits including better focus, joint health and even cardiac health if done right. Start adding nuts (not peanuts, their a legume!), nut butter, avocado, oily fish, organic eggs, Omega 3s and beef/venison into your diet to get more good fat in!

The carbohydrates you do eat should be single ingredient varieties and we would probably recommend you limit them to 2-3 meals a day, ideally later in the day. Sweet potato, oats, potato, quinoa and basmati rice are all great examples.

The basics are there for you to follow, make it happen.

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