Melt Fat This Summer At Home!

As an avid gym goer it is sometimes hard to believe others don’t enjoy the experience so much. In fact a lot of people detest the thought of going to the gym; its boredom, intimidation or time which becomes the barrier between them and gym time. Rather than preach the word I thought it would be more productive to come up with some ideas for those who choose to train at home. It’s not ideal, it won’t be perfect but what it will be is useful!!

If you train at home with no gym equipment and you’re desperate to burn fat then here are some things I would suggest.

1 – Time Under Tension

It’s a training protocol whereby you spend as much time as possible keeping the muscle under tension in the gym. We can transfer this to a home workout to an extent. Why do we want to do this? Purely to challenge the muscles and in turn the body leading to greater calorie expenditure and a hormonal reaction. With that said when performing body weight exercises such as press ups and chin ups count to 4 seconds on the negative part of each rep. You will feel that!

2 – Intervals

Nobody ever needed a gym to get the most from interval training; it can be as equally as gruelling in the great outdoors. Worse in fact. Try using fartlek training as an introduction to interval based exercise. Hit a local park, field or beach (lanes are fine but the impact on your joints is harder) and walk for 25 seconds, jog for 25 seconds and sprint for 10 seconds and repeat with no rest for 15 minutes. See how that gets you going for starters.

3 – Modified Strong Man Training

Don’t stress, this isn’t designed to make you look like he-man. Modified strong man training is circuit based exercise whereby you have several stations and you move from one to the other, there is no right or wrong application. Having said that performing each station for 30 seconds and rest between each one for 15 seconds for the first round is a great idea. Add 5-10 seconds to the rest on the next rounds to aid with recovery. Examples of exercises include sprinting, press ups, chin ups, walking lunges, tire and sledge hammer and dragging something heavy.

There are 3 very easy to apply training methods for the home trainer looking to melt the fat.

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