Love The Food You Eat!

Eating 6 meals of white fish, broccoli and starting the day with oats and egg whites is an all too familiar story in today’s fitness industry. It’s something I have done (within the realms of) back in the day and I categorically detest it. Living the ‘’health and fitness’’ life should be about embracing lots of great foods which are enjoyable, nutritious and contribute towards your goals. Starving yourself, punishing yourself and ultimately forcing yourself to become miserable and resent the new lifestyle isn’t good. Some call it hardcore, I call it stupid. Why make it unpleasant? It’s about enjoying the life. When I read Men’s Fitness magazine (which I love by the way) and see pictures of yogurt, berries and mixed seeds drizzled in manuka honey I think ‘’great, nutritious food!’’ People should enjoy their diets.

There appears to be some dogma that food which is good for you and supports your physique goals shouldn’t taste good. It’s almost good to not enjoy your food. That’s crazy; I enjoy every meal I eat!!

From this point onwards I want you to actually enjoy what you eat. No client of mine eats food they don’t enjoy even if that food would be ideal for their goals. Write a list of all the foods you enjoy and take the ones which are single ingredient foods – look to build them into your diet. The treats you have outlined enjoy those once or twice a month after your lower body workouts.

Rather than remove foods completely from your diet (although there are obviously exceptions which we would agree are better not touched) look at ways in which you can utilise then. For example, I absolutely love almond butter and have it twice with two of my meals every day. That’s a great food for my goals. In contrast I also love spaghetti bolognaise, perhaps not so good. However I will use it periodically as a refeed tool and I will enjoy it!!

The trick is to find a balance which works for you, fits with your lifestyle and gets you results (externally and internally!). This means learning roughly what portion sizes you need to the point weighing food is no longer needed. Knowing how you can integrate foods into your diet you enjoy without any negative impact and so on.

Ultimately, love the food you eat, live the lifestyle and be awesome every day!

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