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This weekend the UK (well most parts) was blessed with weather fit for a Caribbean holiday and some sporting greatness. The patriotic amongst us will be feeling rather smug about the British Lions’ result and of course the fact that after 70 something years a British tennis player has won the Wimbledon Tennis Championships. Really, for any sporting enthusiast it was a weekend to cherish. Whenever you watch professional athletes perform today, particularly those at the very peak of their game you will always notice something. They are in extremely good physical condition. Suited to their discipline, their fitness levels are through the roof and they tend to have a very healthy domineer about them. More than ever professional sports men and women take their nutrition very seriously and more than that they utilise supplements which they probably wouldn’t have just 10 years ago.

Novak Djokovic, the world’s number 1 tennis star follows a gluten free diet and swears by it. Since he started doing that his performances have improved, placebo or real, you decide.

Today we are going to explore 3 supplements used by many athletes which don’t necessarily change the aesthetics of a physique yet boost the overall function and capacity of the human body which indirectly will make improvements to each area.


In a world where even ‘’nutritious’’ foods are often less nutritious than 100 years ago due to the decrease in soil enrichment a multi-vitamin makes good sense. Vitamins play many different roles within the body, supporting hundreds if not thousands of processes and metabolic actions. Being deficient will simply detract from the body’s efficiency and potentially health.

Which one? Gaspari Anavite

Omega 3s

Whilst Omega 3s are regarded as one of the best fat loss supplements they also have many health benefits. Those who supplement with Omega 3s and eat a diet rich in them from oily fish and organic whole eggs could potentially benefit from better insulin health, better joint health, better cardiac health and of course cognitive function.

Which one? Reflex Omega 3s

Greens Powder

The word ‘’detox’’ is thrown around a lot today when talking health. Greens powder which are rich in antioxidants and agents which help neutralise free radicals and help the body pass toxins could be a great way to improve overall health and vitality. More than that, they can also help support good gut health by increasing fibre intake.

Which one? PhD Ph-7 Greens

Often people will shop for supplements which will directly impact their physical appearance, and that is fine. However, the supplements above are often utilised by athletes to keep them healthy, internally functional and therefore having a positive impact on their health and physique. We like all the supplements above.

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