Chronicles Of Average Joe - Quality Over Quantity

This week’s chronicles of Average Joe focuses on a common topic among beginners to the world of weight training – training quality. There is a general consensus among a lot of young men that the more the better. This means 2 hour workouts every day of the week. However, what might seem like a logical approach is actually probably the reason your progress is slow. Follow the traditional ‘’average Joe’’ dialogue below to find out more!

Client: I have been lifting for 10 weeks yet I feel like there is next to no progress showing in my physique. A lack of muscle mass is driving me crazy.

AG: I know your diet and supplement plan is good, I helped you with it. Provided you are sticking to that it must be your training. What does your split look like?

Client: Typically I train Monday to Friday and each session last for anywhere between 90-120 minutes. I hit each muscle once a week.

AG: What on earth are you doing for TWO hours in the gym? There is muscle stimulation and then there is annihilation. I guess neither apply because am I right in saying your workouts are a little ‘’easy going’’ perhaps?

Client: What do you mean?

AG: Rest periods, how long?

Client: I tend to do a set, then my two mates, and then we might have a quick chat and repeat.

AG: OK, that is why your workouts take so long. Top tip coming up – sack the training partners who talk between sets and prolong the workout or tell them to stop it. In the gym you are there to train it is as simple as that. Computer games, girls and football can wait until the journey home!

Client: OK.

AG: Your workouts need to last no longer than 45-60 minutes as a beginner and I would suggest a maximum of 4 workouts a week, hitting each muscle group twice a week. From here focus on keeping rest periods to 60-120 seconds, no longer. Simply making some rules to follow such as these will instantly see you make progress. As a beginner just stick to a 8-12 rep range.

Client: Ok, thank you.

AG: My pleasure.

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