Building Big Arms - Part 2!

As part of a double series on arm training we covered the essentials on triceps development. Today we are going to do the same in relation to bicep training. Let me tell you, this will be a real mission because last night I simply obliterated every muscle fibre in my biceps and their aching. Really aching. With that said you would hope these tips will work for you on your quest to build a pair of bulging biceps.

Before we get into it, I want to cover one area which screams ‘’problem’’ when people train their biceps. Their form is often shocking, often due to excessive weight being used. As a result their range of motion is poor which leads to a lack of progress. Very simple really. When you watch a typical gym monkey do bicep curls you will notice his (and I say ‘he’ as men are often much worse than women) that his anterior deltoids are doing more of the work.  Just get this right, make sure your biceps are the primary mover and you are fully extending the elbow.

1 – Heavy Work First
Single arm preachers and close grip EZ bar curls (alternate between these two exercises – close grip bicep exercises will hit the outer head, an often neglected area!) are my favourite way to kick a bicep workout off. Work within a 4-6 rep range using 4 second negatives. By doing this we can excite more HTMUs (high threshold motor units) which leads to better muscle fibre recruitment.

2 – Get The Blood Moving
The next part of the session will focus more on getting blood into the biceps. Weight is of secondary importance here. Using exercises like seated dumbbell curls and seated hammer curls for a rep range of 12-15 with shorter rest periods we can start to build a great pump!

3 – Chase The Pump
If the second phase brought about a pump then this part will have your arms feeling bit to burst, snaking with veins. Let’s turn to cable rope curls super-setted with light dumbbell curls (both arms at the same time). Aim for 20 reps per exercise, keep the rest periods short and you will feel the pump flooding the area.

To help accentuate the ‘pump’ try using PhD V-Max to fuel your workouts!

That concludes our mini-series on building boulder arms. By marrying low, medium and high rep training and exercises which target both sides of the upper arm from all angles we can break new boundaries!

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