Being Realistic!

Are your results slow or are you expecting a miracle? Whilst a lot of people do many things wrong and as such hamper their progress we see more and more people cry ‘’plateau’’ when in fact all they need to do is keep their head down and move forward. Don’t get me wrong, there are times when someone needs to step in and make a change. However there seems to be a great deal of unrealism within the fitness industry now and the expectations beginners place upon themselves is sucking the fun out of their journey.

As a skinny weed at 16 years of age I threw around my 50kg weight set in my bedroom in each direction I could think of. It worked, within a few months I looked fuller, more athletic and I was certainly stronger. However in hindsight I was still a small lad YET my progress within that period was pretty impressive – it stood out and it was noticed in school.

Today my progress is far slower across 12 months – I improve but not nearly as fast in my teens, my first 4 years where I flirted with the iron and even eating properly. Yet because my physique is made of more substantial stuff today smaller progress equates to bigger visual improvements.
Here are 3 areas which will dictate your progress as an individual, which is after all exactly what you are!

1 – Genetics
You cannot get beyond your genetic limitations. This doesn’t mean they will stop you achieving your goal however it might take longer. In contrast you might be a gifted individual who progresses very quickly and leaves everyone with their mouths wide open. ... .  .

2 – Effort
Even when you ‘’try’’ how consistent are you? Really? Many people have a huge buffer on this front, they are far from their full capacity in terms of effort. If this is you, increase it by 10%. Being consistent with good effort is a wonderful concoction for progress.

3 – Knowledge
Even when you’re consistent you will be doing things now you will look back at in 2 years and laugh at, that’s reality. The more consistent you are, the more committed you are and the more open minded you are now will hold you in good stead for the future.

Realistic results are just that, whatever happens when you do everything right. You might transform in 8 weeks or it might take 8 months. It largely depends on genetics, effort, knowledge and of course you’re starting position. Be realistic, enjoy the ride.

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