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Over the last 24 and a bit months you could say my career has started to blossom and my reputation as a coach seems to be growing nicely, for that I am eternally grateful. In an industry whereby it can be very difficult to forge a name for yourself due to stiff competition I take great pride in the fact I have helped many people achieve incredible transformations which has helped my profile. In the last sentence I outlined that I helped people which in turn got me to where I am today. That’s the take home message I want to give you today as a trainer. Many, many trainers will message me through my FaceBook page (check it out!!) and ask ‘’how do I become a coach’’ or more specifically ‘’how do I get well known?’’

Rather than set out to achieve ‘’fame’’ set out to help people. If you do that reputation will come with the territory and people will soon make it their business to find you and seek your guidance. However, if you go the other way about it i.e. try and get your name out there without much in the way of reputation or a list of testimonials to support you then you will find less people will be interested in working with you.

So back to the question, how exactly do you build a reputation as ‘’top coach?’’

Testimonials are your bread and butter. I don’t take any trainer seriously without seeing a consistent range of clients they have helped through a journey. We aren’t always talking ripped 6 packs here, but significant improvements relative to the starting point. If you don’t have clients that’s fine (I didn’t when I started) work with friends and family. I transformed my training partner and a friend who was an avid FitMag reader – those pictures soon gained momentum on social media and here we are today. I just kept doing it again and again, it helps!

Once you have done this you can begin to shout a little about what you do. However, a word to the wise. Always remain humble and open-minded, my philosophies have evolved so much and yours will too – don’t be afraid to learn off better coaches. I have many I learn off and they will often show me that I’m wrong. That’s cool, they started like that too!

To conclude, being a good coach isn’t so much a destination but more of a journey. You will believe in things, realise their wrong, evolve, improve and move forward until that happens again. However, you need to start somewhere.

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