An Appointment With My Joint Guy. . . . . . . .

Is that dangerous? Will I get injured? Every time I leave the consultation room with my joint specialist who spends time manipulating my back, making it go POP and then working on my shoulder I leave with new knowledge, inspiration to write about it and a brand new back (kinda!!).

Today’s topic was injuries (suitably) after we discussed and dissected my training regime, movement patterns and the issue I carry in my left shoulder. As we debated several points the one thing I was curious to ask was ‘’how far do you think I can go?’’ By that I meant, at what point if any would he anticipate ‘’heavy’’ low rep lifting close to your limit become problematic and potentially dangerous resulting in an injury. As with anything the answer wasn’t completely specific, inevitably it had several dimensions.

‘’I think you would be unlucky to suffer any serious detachment of connective tissues but I also think it could happen. I have seen some horrific injuries. No matter how strong the muscle is, there will come a point whereby your skeletal system won’t be able to tolerate the load. When that happens you are in trouble.’’

The answer he gave was perfectly logical. Understandably there is a point where no matter how good your form, how strong your muscles are or how determined you are the skeleton will go ‘’no.’’

However we then moved and agreed that to reach this point you would PROBABLY need to be lifting astronomical weights. The grey area arrives when you decide what you could classify this as? It is relative to the person. However one of the reasons I work with Marc is because we can determine to an extent the wear and stress on my joints and act appropriately. Hopefully if there was any wear which was cause for concern we would catch it soon enough before anything detrimental occurred (of course there is always a risk!!).

This leads me nicely to my point today. If you train hard, you lift hard, you eat well, you take your supplements then you should in my opinion add another dimension to that list – recover and rehab properly. Work with someone, even if it once a month who can help keep you in check and on the path to healthy progress. Marc allows my back to have full mobility again, he reassures me of issues, he sets me tasks which will hopefully improve any issues I deal with now. He costs me (once per month) the price of a very average takeaway. What value do you place on the health of your joints?

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