4 Big Moves For Big Results!

Plateaus are mere obstacles which can become overcome with intelligent application of various solutions. One of those solutions is to get strong. Strong on what though? We often praise the importance of forcing adaptation to occur which will allow for stronger muscles but maybe you need more specific guidelines! Stronger for 5 reps, 30 reps, on squats or on leg extensions, or even both? Put it this way, getting stronger on wrist curls probably isn’t going to add 15lbs of muscle to your frame in the next 12 months.
Below we have outlined 4 exercises we want you to get strong on to accelerate your rate of growth.

1 – Squats
It’s predictable we know. One of the main reasons we harp on about increasing strength for growth is due to CNS load and stress. Squats are probably only second to deadlifts in relation to overall total stress caused. In relation to leg development (quadriceps in particular) there is no better exercise.

2 – Deadlifts
Deadlifts is the daddy of strength exercises; it’s you, the bar and nothing else other than mental grit. It’s a raw lift, a true test of your strength and power. Anyone who deadlifts big generally has an amazing back and great hamstrings (back of the legs). (with deadlifts and squats ensure lower back mobility is good!!)

3 – Dips
Bench press is often hailed as the best pec builder but when you consider biomechanically you are much better driving through your triceps here it isn’t the best exercise for chest in our opinion (it’s still ‘’good!’’) . Weighted dips are a phenomenal pec builder; get strong on these and the most stubborn chest will be forced to grow. Ensure your shoulder health is good though!

4 – Glute Ham Raises
Whilst deadlifts yield a great set of hamstrings, secondary to back GHR’s are the ultimate rear leg builder. If you are yet to try this exercise using your body weight for half a rep will probably give you a burn you’re not accustomed to.

With each of these exercises getting stronger doesn’t mean being reckless. It only counts if the form is correct and the muscles are working. Use a 3 second negative on each rep and aim to add at least 20kg to each lift (dips use weight belt) over the next 6-8 weeks - watch yourself grow. From there, it’s a matter of continuing with the hard work!

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