3 Instant Changes For A Better You!

Modern culture demands instant results, we want to see the future now and our patience dwindles by the day. Unfortunately as much as you might stamp your feet and punch the air with frustration you won’t speed up the rate at which your body transforms. It takes time, people with physiques fit for a magazine cover work extremely hard and have done for a long time with consistency.

With that said there are 3 key areas I believe you can change and start seeing results pretty quickly.

1 – Single Ingredient Foods

Make a commitment to eat at least 80% of your calories from single ingredient foods. This means from meats, fish, nuts, fruit, vegetables, natural grains and the likes of. By doing this I think you will instantly feel better on the inside and soon after you will look better for it.

2 – Small (er) And Often

I have never seen someone eat 5 balanced meals a day instead of the usual token diet we tend to follow in the UK and not feel better and ultimately look better for it. People often find their hunger levels are curbed; their energy levels are improved (due to blood sugar management) and their mental clarity is improved.

3 – More Fat, Protein, More Fibre, More Water, Less Carbs

More of a statement than a title admittedly yet the above rings true. Most people don’t eat enough protein or fat, they don’t hit their daily requirements for fibre or water yet they eat too many processed carbs as a general rule of thumb. Across your 5 meals having carbs in 3 of them (I recommend keeping carbs away from breakfast and sticking to fat/protein) and eating fat, protein and fibrous veg in each meal should help with better health, digestion and energy levels. Most people fail to drink nearly enough water creating an array of issues associated with dehydration.

These steps are very simple for sure yet that is all that you usually need to make the biggest difference. We aren’t talking ‘’shredded’’ here and we are not talking ‘’muscle bound’’ but what we are getting at instead is improved functionality. That is where most people fall down, fat loss, improved muscle tone and performance in the gym will all come as by-products.

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