Will You Make It? The Mind-Set Of A Transformee

Transformations are generally wanted by the majority and attained by the minority – why is that I wonder? Is it that the plan is wrong and the coach got it wrong? Or is it the client failing to apply the plan properly or worse, failing to adhere to the rules due to a lack of will-power? To be fair I think there are foundations to say both could be at fault, but in my experience I think the latter is a far bigger problem.

My beef is with those who want that dramatic transformation in record breaking time (even if the goal is achievable) yet think they can make excuses as to why they can’t stick to the plan. For every 10 people I hear use these excuses I come across one who just doesn’t let anything and I mean ANYTHING make them fall off track. They could be stressed, rushed off their feet, working all day, have a social gathering or an emergency (within reason) and yet they still manage to stay on track. Funnily enough it is this same person who gets the amazing results and gets all the ‘’that can’t be real’’ comments off the other 10 people (excuse makers) when their physique looks like they have had a complete makeover in 8 weeks.

Before this escalates into an isolated rant I want to bring in some valid points for you, the reader moving forward.

1) What do you really want?
Is a dramatic transformation in a short window of time (6-16 weeks) really what you are after? If so then accept you are going to be making some big sacrifices – tracking every calorie you eat, every workout is all out and forget having any treats. Does that sound like fun to you? If you can hack it, do it – if you can’t fathom now then you certainly won’t during the transformation. In this instance make a better choice and make lifestyle changes rather than wholesale changes. Be in it for the long haul.

2) A little will-power goes a long way. . . .
If you commit then don’t turn back, force yourself to achieve what you set out to and when times get tough see it through. This will make you grow as a person massively which will hold you in good stead for future challenges. Don’t buckle at the first sight of ‘’hardship.’’

3) The power of association. . . . .
This is where a good coach comes in handy as well as a good social network in contrast to a bad one. Positivity is contagious, it can sometimes take just one social media post to pep you up and restart your hunger for progress. Make sure you have this on hand, use it because you will need it.

There are a few words on mental strength and focus and short term transformations – in short, it comes down to this. Do you have the minerals to do it?

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