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To kick off ‘’Monday motivation’’ I wanted to discuss with you your lifestyle as it stands today and dig under the covers a bit and ask ‘’what does your lifestyle say about you?’’ This has been triggered by a very close friend and client who has an extremely tough time dealing with their past – their upbringing was challenging and they were forced to grow up whilst they were still in single figures which means today their mind-set is all over the place. As a result the lifestyle they lead isn’t ideal for their health, family relationships or any other area for that matter. Excessive partying is the main issue which means that every other aspect of their life suffers. Bit by bit I am getting through but it will be a LONG drawn out battle that is for sure. So, back to the point – what do your choices and actions tell you about yourself?


Let’s start with the ‘’bad’’ so we can end on a positive. When you have a bad day due to stress how do you react? The friend I am referring to would go and drink heavily, use recreational drugs and simply mask the issue for days on end. Thankfully this is an extreme example and the more likely action you might take could include eating food you shouldn’t (comfort eating), maybe having some alcohol or stopping training. Put yourself on the spot, how do you deal with negatives?

The key to long term happiness and in turn a healthy lifestyle is to deal with negatives in a positive light. Know your remedy and use it when it is necessary – my remedy is the gym, simple. I am yet to face a big enough issue which a good workout can’t help ease the pain of momentarily whilst I have a little time to reflect.


In contrast how do you deal with positives? Are you overly excited by them, calm or just the same? The way you react to good things can teach you a lot about dealing with the negatives as outlined above. If you know how to behave in a positive light and remain happy/strong then there is no reason why you can’t transfer the same behaviour across when you come up against negatives.

The key to staying happy is to have more positivity than negativity in your life – only you can determine what is required to do that because different things make us tick.
To conclude, analyse your behaviour patterns and see where you can make small improvements. Learn to stamp negativity out and you will blossom.

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