Think Outside The Box - Beat Stubborn Muscles Into Submission In 3 Steps

Do you ever reach the point of frustration with that one muscle group which just WON’T catch up with the rest of you? Strength levels are good for that muscle, you smash it, blitz it, do high reps, low reps, twice a week training and nothing. Its rate of progress is that of a slug wearing a Velcro outfit crossing a Velcro road (takes a bit of imagination granted!!). For some reason we ALL seem to have a body part which is resistant to growth – sometimes it will be our genetic limitations inhibiting our progress but even then we can ‘’make’’ things happen in the muscle growth department. If this sounds like a problem which haunts you read on and checkout some unorthodox ways to hit your trouble muscles!


This little acronym represents ‘’time under tension’’ and you might be familiar with it. However we want to teach your stubborn muscle a whole new meaning to the term, call it ‘’growth by force!’’ TUT will often focus on slow negatives and that’s great. However we are looking at 5-8 second isometrics contractions with 2 second concentric and eccentric contractions. The weight goes out the window here; it is all about keeping the resistance under control which in turn keeps the muscle under tension. By rep 10 your muscle fibres should be craving oxygen so badly that your skin feels like it is on fire!! Keep your rest periods short (45-60 seconds) and keep pumping the sets out, volume is the idea over failure here. Stretch and squeeze!!

Frequent Stimulation

So you notched it up a gear and started hitting that trouble muscle twice a week, try 3 times! Muscle protein synthesis levels in unassisted athletes rise above basal level for 48 hours post-training, this means by training it 3 times a week (evenly spread) you will drastically increase the time at which protein synthesis is elevated for. Try it!

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Feel The Muscle

It might sound a bit gimmicky, but there are ways to further enhance your connection with the muscle. Often those with a stubborn muscle group don’t ‘’feel’’ it when they train properly. Posing in front of the mirror at home, flexing the muscle continuously for a few minutes a time is a great way to get a better mind to muscle relationship. Stretching the muscle is also a great way to encourage blood flow into the muscle.

If the conventional methods are not working it is time to think outside the box to gain muscle size!

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