Liquid Only Diets - Stop The Fad!

One of the main fads which have really caught on in the world of weight loss, especially in the female sector is juice/liquid diets. Essentially these kind of diets focus on recommending a diet which is purely based on liquid, whether you blend food or use ‘’super powders’’ to replace your meals. The unfortunate thing is that a lack of education and knowledge means that millions of people, many of which are women embrace it at least in the short term. This has got to stop, here is why.

The human body and more specifically the digestive system isn’t designed to just run on liquids. There are various digestive enzymes which our body produces at the beginning of the process, it is important that for long term health we continue to allow the body to run as it’s designed for. That’s the first issue.
In regards to weight loss this is why these kinds of diets are absolutely useless.

By moving your entire calorie intake to liquids you will almost certainly radically drop your calorie intake which will in the short term stimulate weight loss. The problem here is that you’re losing weight via the catabolism of muscle tissue and a lot of water. As a result your readings on the scales make you happy yet the effect this diet is having on you isn’t making your body happy at all! In turn your catabolic hormones rise, your anabolic hormones drop and burning fat (which is what you are trying to achieve rather than ‘’weight’’ loss) becomes an impossible mission, traditionally known as mission impossible.
Once the process comes to an end, which typically lasts no longer than 4-6 weeks you are left in such a state that when food is reintroduced a myriad of issues occur. For one your metabolism is so slow you are prone to gain fat quickly (and struggle to shed it later on!!), your hunger levels will probably rocket towards the sky due to the issues caused with leptin and grehlin levels (hunger hormones) and the vicious circle begins – you go BACK to the liquid diet. Only this time the results aren’t quite as good, you feel awful and you have more issues to deal with. Terrible!

There is nothing useful about a liquid only based diet for a healthy human being who has no medical reason to use such a protocol. If you want to know what you SHOULD do for fat loss, click here!

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