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The summer season seems to make us Brits crave the sun, probably because we expect it but often don’t get it. I fall into this category, I love the feeling of heat sinking into my back as I lie in the garden and when the weather inevitably takes a turn for the worse after a couple of glorious days you think of making a move for warmer shores. In 7 days’ time I will be in Kalkan, Turkey where the temperature is bobbing between the high 20s and mid 30s!! Bearing in mind I am Welsh, fair haired and pale it might be a risky move but hey these are the lengths we will go to in order to enjoy the sun. Even though my photo shoot is done I am still eating well, admittedly more food is going in as I look to get stronger and as a result bigger. So these 7 days have presented me with a dilemma – I don’t want to just go ‘’eat what I want’’ for 7 days, knowing me that will only result in waffles and bacon for breakfast, brunch, lunch and a 5 course meal in the evening supplemented with copious amounts of ice cream throughout the day to help remedy my ever increasing body temperature. What I am trying to say is it’s not an option. There needs to be some basic guidelines of which I am going to lay down for myself and you.

Call this your holiday survival guide, in layman terms the simple way to avoid coming back off holiday with more than just a tan. A simple weight management plan of action!

Limit Your Treats

Holiday isn’t all about eating crap although you will probably want to have more than you usually would during your vacation. With that said may I suggest we keep the treats to our evening meal, where most of us will be enjoying a BBQ by the pool, an alfresco dinner with the family or even a takeaway on the beach. Sure throw a dessert in to, you are simply limiting the calories you ingest on a day to day basis by doing this. Call it damage limitation.

Snack Well

On holiday people will often not eat much and then eat a lot in an attempt to recover from the lack of calories, again a common way to add a tire as well as a tan to your body. Snack throughout the day on cold meat, nuts and fruit in order to keep satiety high.

Breakfast Is King

Make sure you start every day off with a bang! On holiday you are more prone to miss breakfast or eat complete and utter garbage oozing with sugar. If you can make the effort to set your day up with a high protein/fat breakfast you should stand a better chance at avoiding the unwanted.

Some basic rules and guidelines to get through your holiday in shape, enjoy yourself and feel great!

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