Grip The Bar Like A Gorilla - Forearm Performance!

One of the first things you will notice about a heavily muscled physique is the thick forearms often riddled with veins snaking all over the place under the skin. It looks powerful, commanding and to many extremely impressive. Often those with gorilla like forearms have gorilla strength, they can grip, grip and grip some more. In contrast you get a lot of people who can lift weight yet their grip gives out on them prematurely leading to a frustrating dilemma, how do you improve grip strength?

As a boy I would work around the farm with my dad who was always extremely strong, I mean really strong. The kind of strength which allowed him to hold a Land Rover Defender up whilst his friends changed a wheel in the absence of a jack, I s*** you not!! The guy’s forearms are like granite and today at 59 years of age (a very young 59) he still possesses this rock hard muscle in his forearms. It makes sense, the environment he has been exposed to help develop crazy grip strength. There is no consistency like you get in the gym where the bars are all the same thickness, no. He has to grip bails by string, buckets by handles, shovels, shift rocks/boulders and do it for hours on end. This is it, that’s how you get strong grip! You expose your body to a wide variation of lifts.

Rather than lifting the same bar, add Fat Gripz to make it thicker and in turn harder to lift. Your fingers have to grip harder, new muscle fibres are recruited as a by-product of that and in turn greater muscle stimulation is achieved within the forearm muscles.

Using a wide range of angles is as equally important – use ‘’flexing’’ movements as well as ‘’extending’’ movements which essentially means curling your wrists in each way it is able to go with resistance placed in the palm of your hand via a bar.

Like calves, forearms need frequency too in order to get the best growth out of them. Dedicating two 15 minute windows of isolated forearm work a week is ideal. Beyond that using different thickness grips during your lifts is an ideal way to bring about better stimulation in the forearm region.

Don’t become too reliant on lifting straps, they are great for maximal lifts but you don’t need or want to use them with every working set that’s for sure – your forearms will soon become lazy.

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