Get Out What You Put In. . . . .

From time to time things inspire you in life, today is one of those days for me. As a coach I see and work with a huge range of people – working class people, middle class people, well off, rich, filthy rich, lazy, motivated, mentally strong, mentally weak, male, female, old, young . . . . . the list goes on. Each have their issues, obstacles and hang ups. One of my clients is a gentleman named James, I will keep his sir name anonymous. It is cliché but James is part of the military and it shows, his approach and efforts in relation to his transformation with me are done to military precision. His phone bleeps at every meal time, he cooks his meals within his shared room on a stove in his barracks and he keeps me very much informed on progress.

Why am I telling you this? Well if we had hidden cameras and analysed James over the last 4 weeks I am more than confident his actions would match 110% with the instructions I have given him. If in contrast we did the same with a lot of other people how close would they get? 75% perhaps? James’ results in the last 4 weeks SHOW he has stuck to things like a robot; he has gone from having no abs to now sporting a fully-fledged 6 pack and added muscle mass. His strength levels are through the roof, the list grows . . . . . .

The point I am trying to make, in a somewhat long winded fashion I admit is that you need to constantly asses how realistic your goals are in comparison to your efforts. If you aren’t giving it 110% is it really reasonable to have such high expectancies. The term, ‘’you get out what you put in’’ rings true here – there is nothing wrong with not giving it your all but don’t expect the most drastic of changes in return for your compromises.

If you are somebody who is making an effort but still has room for improvement just consider a few things –
. Make small improvements, if you still take sugar in your hot drinks swap it for a calorie free sweetener such as stevia
. Gradually increase your level of commitment – that 100% marker will soon be met
. Make your choices sustainable to ensure long term progress is likely

A little Monday inspiration for those of you who don’t give it you’re all but feel you can!

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