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If I had my time again from the age of 16, the point in my life where I fell in love with iron I would have done a few things very differently. Back then all I could think about was having big arms; I didn’t give two hoots about the longevity of my connective tissues. Fast forward 7 years and the penny has finally dropped – what bodybuilding as a ‘’sport’’ will never teach you is the other side of the coin. The importance of flexibility work and the immense value this has to your long term health and progress might I add. World leading trainer Charles Poliquin said that one of the things he regrets is not stretching frequently enough when he was younger.

Through a lot of pain and the anxiety of nearly suffering a nasty injury (having already suffered a nasty lower back injury) I have been taught the value of flexibility work. Just after I arrived back from India last autumn I started to suffer with a nasty pain in my left shoulder but it felt like no other shoulder niggle I had felt before. It was bloody painful. It felt like someone had placed a steel rod in my shoulder joint through the back of my shoulder. It got worse, pressing overhead or on my back became a distant memory. The chap who was fixing my lower back set me a simple flexibility plan – he said it will fix it, I was sceptical. Ten days later I was pressing again pain free. Being an idiot I began to gradually reduce the amount of time I spent stretching it again – the pain came back recently and some. Recall that queer feeling you experience when you get your blood pressure taken and the arm strap tightens – that’s how my arm feels all day. My left pec feels as though it has been torn. Believe it or not within a few days of stretching again the pain is easing – this time round I have learned my lesson for good.

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That short story was to get you to realise how important other aspects of your training are. It’s all very well and good looking great but most bodybuilders I know always battle with injuries. Strength ATHLETES on the other hand seem to be bullet proof – coincidence? That is because they value the importance of flexibility work, balance between muscles (strength) and form.

I would suggest I was probably 7-10 days away from causing myself serious damage. Don’t berry your head in the sand, address issues. There is a reason you are in pain, if you leave it guess what? It will get worse!

Take it from me, stay flexible!

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