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Dynamic strength is an area I have learnt more about over time since I became more interested in real performance, longevity and forcing adaptation via several pathways rather than rolling with the age old ‘’smash it’’ bodybuilder view point.

What is dynamic strength? Dynamic strength means your ability to move a weight between 0.7-0.9 m.s – in layman terms, move weight fast. Once you fail to move a given weight at this speed it isn’t dynamic anymore. You might be thinking that all you are interested in is making the group of girls on the beach next to you check you out, who gives a toss about dynamic strength? If aesthetics are a goal then I strongly recommend getting more accustomed to using dynamic strength in your workouts – it will make you more powerful, which in turn will allow you to lift more weight which will inevitably give you more ‘’stress power’’ to force the body to adapt.

As someone who wants overall performance improvements and to develop more muscle mass I would use dynamic strength work at the start of your workouts where you are going to lift heavy as a means to warm up the muscle. Bear with me.

On the days you have scheduled heavy lifts (if you don’t you should to stimulate myofibrillar hypertrophy which makes you strong!) start your workouts with dynamic strength work. Simply put this means –

1) Using anywhere between 45-55% of your 1RM on a compound lift
2) Using a 2 second pause at the bottom of each rep and then exploding up (remember what we said above, fast is dynamic!)
3) Perform 2-3 reps (not to failure)

What this will do for you is really ‘’wake up’’ the CNS (central nervous system) which makes it more receptive to heavier lifting later in the session. In turn this will allow you to lift more weight, create more stress and demand on the muscle and CNS which ultimately leads to faster progress. Win-win!

This is something I would recommend anybody uses however it must be said it is particularly useful and advisable for athletes like rugby players, sprinters, MMA fighters and other grapplers.

Dynamic strength is a much underutilised training tool and I believe that it will gain a lot more recognition over the next 12 months as more people reap the benefits of using it as part of their training plan!

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