Dealing With Cravings - When Nothing Else Works!

Some of us are blessed with better will-power than others although one could argue it is also a self-taught discipline, and those around you will also dictate to an extent how resistant you are to a flutter in the biscuit jar. The idea of this article is to explore some less likely candidates which can help you tolerate cravings a bit better and more than that see them off before the inevitable happens, you get caught rummaging around in the cupboards for said ‘’banned substance.’’

Here goes, can we dampen the cookie monster within you and make eating healthy that little bit more easier? Fat loss made easier!

Big Breakfast

Your mum and school teachers were absolutely right, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. During this meal you ‘’break-the-fast’’ hence the name given. The trick is to break your fast (following a good night’s sleep!!) with the right foods which in turn will prevent the onset of hunger and cravings. To do this we want to create a stable environment where we don’t stimulate peaks and troughs in your sugar levels as the day progresses. Plenty of protein and some good fat are the ideal, coming from foods such as red meat, oily fish, eggs and nuts. This should see you through the morning where a large proportion of the nation starts their snacking antics for the day on the likes of pastries, biscuits and the likes of.

To help deal with cravings for something sweet why not keep a PhD Diet Whey bar handy? They are amazingly tasty in chocolate cookie OR chocolate orange and contain many great ingredients which can potentially aid you in your quest to burn fat.

Brush Your Teeth

This isn’t a jibe at you and your level of hygiene, nor is it a sly way to suggest you need to brush your teeth more frequently. We are absolutely serious; brushing your teeth helps curb cravings for sweet food!! The theory is simple, we don’t usually enjoy eating straight after brushing our teeth so by doing exactly that we are going some way to sabotaging the ‘’joy’’ of eating the food which is currently flirting with our neurotransmitters!

Hot Drinks

Research suggests that hot drinks, mainly coffee (although green tea seems to do a splendid job) helps kick our cravings to the curb. Interestingly caffeinated and decaffeinated have a similar impact on our lust for ‘’forbidden’’ foods. Start your day with a nice fresh organic coffee, maybe with a slug of double cream and slot another 1-2 cups in throughout your day (switch to decaf if 6 hours or closer to bed time!!).

There are a handful of ways you can deal with your cravings that bit better.

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