Chicken Never Tasted So Good - 60 Second Recipes!

Whatever diet plan you subscribe to there will be some similarities between them, namely the protein sources you are able utilise at least for the majority of the time. One of the most commonly used meats is of course chicken breast – it is very protein dense, ultra lean making it low in fat and you can find relatively affordable options if you look hard enough. The downside is of course that it can be extremely bland, dry and particularly hard to tolerate if you have to carry meals through the day with you and eat it COLD. This is of course if you literally cook the chicken and eat it as it is, cold or warm. The good news is that you can do SO much more with this meat to make it taste amazing, cold or warm.

Below are 3 easy to follow recipes/tips to dramatically transform the taste of your chicken. Don’t ever be bored by your diet again!

1 – The Power Of Spice
We aren’t talking girl power here. There is a huge array of spices you can get hold of which are not only guilt free but potentially beneficial for fat loss due to their thermogenic effects. This is possibly the laziest option because all you have to do is scan the aisles of your local supermarket and pick out a spice ‘’rub’’ you like, take it home and sprinkle your chicken before cooking it. Jerk chicken is a firm favourite of ours if you want a kick without making much effort. It’s a bit of a life saver for those who crave flavour when time is of the essence.

2 – The Power Of Veg
This is a great little trick. Often people hate veg, or they dislike it. As a result they rarely eat it unless it is put in front of them. This is why we recommend using various vegetables to create a sauce for your chicken. Chop up different coloured peppers (especially red for taste!!), mushrooms, red onions, baby corn, throw some kale in and ½ tin of ‘’no added sugar’’ tomatoes to create a veg based sauce. Cook the chicken with it so it becomes marinated, delicious!!

3 – The Power Of Fat
We haven’t lost the plot don’t worry! As an avid FitMag reader we expect you to understand the value of good fat for muscle growth and fat loss as well as long term health. Almond butter mixed with extra virgin olive oil makes an EPIC home-made sauce to drip over your chicken, rice and veg. Adding a little salt further enhances the flavour.

If you thought chicken had to be boring you have now been shown the way!

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