Burn More Calories This Summer - Get Outside!

Whilst the cold wintery months go some distance to providing an excuse (if you choose to take it) to avoid exercising this blissful summer weather takes that away from you. There really is no excuse, not even the age old ‘’I can’t afford gym membership’’ because getting outside is FREE! Since the Sun has finally decided to grace us with its presents (at least for now) I myself have been doing all sorts of outdoor activities for fun which are also undeniably a good way of burning more calories. Today I want to share with you a few ways you can get more active outside of the gym to help promote fat loss whilst the Sun is very much with us!

It’s a simple one but it really is a wonderful thing to do in this weather. Whether or not you go out first thing in the morning through woodlands with your dog or go for an evening stroll with your better half it is a very enjoyable way to become more active. Beaches, woodlands and parks are all great places to go for a walk, soak up the sun and let the mind unwind.

Every year, about now I get tennis fever with the French Open being on TV and the prospect of Wimbledon just around the corner. With that said it often leads to me playing some tennis in the garden and down the courts with my better half. The great thing about tennis is it is very much a fun sport, you can play ‘’short’’ versions in the garden as I do and without knowing it you have spent an hour bouncing around burning calories and getting plenty of free Vitamin D! That’s what I call a win-win.

There are few things as enjoyable as going out on your bike on a weekend afternoon with the Sun shining down on your back! Woodland trails, country lanes and roads by the beach make it a very enjoyable and relaxing experience. If you plan ahead you can also take a packed brunch bursting with nutritious snacks such as PhD Diet Whey Bars & Nutrition By Design Meals.

Lads without wanting to exclude the ladies here (by all means join in!!) there is nothing like going to the local football pitch for a kick about with your mates is there? The summer football transfer sagas create a certain buzz about the sport and you just want to get out there and play. The beauty is all you need is a ball and a few jumpers to mark out the goals and you’re away!!

You will notice these activities are based around fun rather than exercising for exercising’s sake. That’s the key here, doing things which you enjoy to help keep the calories turning over!

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