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As well as reading, studying and then readying some more I have found as a coach the best way to learn is hang with the best!! What do I mean by this? Simply put, become interested in learning from those who have gone before you and built a reputation on consistently delivering mind blowing results with their clients. This is one of my secrets, my contacts list boasts a range of knowledge fit to write several very comprehensive training and nutrition manuals – no joke. By having people like this available on speed dial the rate at which you can progress multiplies. If you are serious about being a top coach then I suggest you get networking, learning from the very best and being cheeky enough to make contact and pick up bits where you can.

Here’s now.


As the Editor of FitMag I have the luxury of interviewing many top coaches, but I have made that happen by reaching out to them myself. The content they provide for our readers is amazing however on a personal level it’s an education in itself. I will never forget the first day I interviewed Nick Mitchell, a chap I admittedly didn’t know a lot about but left that Skype chat thinking he was God!! Over a year down the line having stayed in touch with Nick and spoke several times before I am pleased to say I have learnt SO much from the guy. I consider to be the BEST at what he does on a global scale. The fact I can shoot him an email on something I might want his opinion on is a blessing and there is no doubt my ability as a coach has grown hugely since knowing Nick. Even if you’re not a ‘’writer’’ interview these people for FitMag and LEARN!!


Know where these trainers are, keep in touch with them and when you are travelling in their direction see if you can arrange a workout with them. Having trained with many greats in the bodybuilding and fitness world including 212 Mr Olympia Flex Lewis it has certainly broadened my knowledge and experience.

By building a rapport with the giants of our industry I feel blessed to have learnt so much. Coaches like Nick Mitchell, Phil Learney, Joe Binley, Kevin Walker, Dan Forbes, Kris Gethin and Neil Hill among others have all contributed to my knowledge as it sits today. Do they all believe in the same thing? NO! However as a coach you are an individual and have to make your own mind up on things – having the best to reach out to simply gives you different perspectives on things. Sometimes a certain approach is better for a certain client and vice versa. Having a range of tools in your arsenal is the key to being a top coach and I can think of no way better than to learn ‘’in the trenches’’ with the Gods of our industry!

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