Be ''Good'' Rather Than ''Perfect''- Lifestyle Changes

Let’s put aside vanity and body composition for a second, or at least to the extent of ‘’looking’’ cover ‘’model-esque.’’ That is at the opposite end of the spectrum, somewhere in the middle between ‘’normal’’ and there is ‘’healthy’’ which is the zone I want to highlight today.

Eating healthy doesn’t mean being prolific with food measurements, it means eating the right stuff most of the time. It means starting your day with something like natural yogurt, berries and mixed seeds instead of a highly processed breakfast cereal. I would never make somebody in this specific category worry about monitoring calorie intake or macro numbers – it is highly unnecessary if a little common sense is applied.

Choice is perhaps the biggest determining factor here, being educated enough to make the right choice and then willing to do it. The first bit, education, can be dealt with my submerging yourself in our content on FitMag with a nice strong coffee to enhance cognitive alertness!! The second bit comes down to your attitude and mind-set, how badly do you want to make changes and what lengths are you willing to go to?

In all honesty it doesn’t have to be that drastic, basic changes during the transition period between ‘’normal’’ and ‘’better’’ are where the best changes usually happen. Opting for yogurt, berries and mixed seeds over toast or breakfast cereal in the morning, snacking on some nuts with some fresh salmon and salad and enjoying a chicken, salad and sweet potato dinner is a start. Finishing the day in much the same fashion will help and then indulging a little on a Saturday evening, enjoying a reward meal. It is these small changes which make the biggest difference. Even chopping the Sunday roast doesn’t have to happen – just opt for a fat free gravy made with granules, avoid lard on your roast potatoes (stick with extra virgin olive oil) and you are winning.

Drastic changes and dogmatic protocols which impose on your life to such an extent all you can think about is giving it all in isn’t the way forward, for an everyday person. Instead long term sustainable changes are, it is about being ‘’good’’ and not ‘’perfect’’ – ‘’perfect’’ nearly always ends with a severe rebound. If you want a better lifestyle, make ‘’better’’ choices.

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