Are You Content With Your Progress?

Is your progress slow or are you unfair on yourself? As many of you know I recently had a photo shoot with MonsterSupplements, I was quite pleased with my condition and size. If the truth be known I still felt a bit ‘’fat’’ which is obscene when you consider I was between 7-8% body fat! On reflection I am quite impressed with my condition now I have gained 7-8lbs (not all fat, some muscle) but at that specific moment in time I know how I felt mentally. It brought me on to this topic, are people just too harsh on themselves?

Part of this came about when I was interviewed recently by a psychologist as part of a study digging into the minds of those who ‘’body build’’ and the questions she presented me with. It really struck a cord and gave me a ‘’light bulb’’ moment. For all the plateaus we hit I also believe there is a lot of discontent when it should be replaced with content.
There is a difference between wanting to improve but being perfectly happy with today’s progress and feeling as though you look ‘’awful.’’ I would suggest that is bordering on a disorder and it isn’t healthy for the mind or body if it gets too out of hand.

It brought back memories of my initial thought processes when I decided I want to be bigger and stronger (and leaner!!). For me it was all about looking good, being powerful on the sports field and the term which I used to sum it up was to become the ‘’alpha male.’’ This wasn’t meant in an egotistical way but instead in regards to what I perceive the ‘’ultimate male’’ to be. Strong, athletic, lean, healthy and perhaps as a result functional. She then said, ‘’how has your perception of the ideal physique changed from then to now?’’ Back then I would have done anything to be 50% of what I am today yet now I am here all I want is to be bigger. . . . .that’s where this article came from, that point right there.

I want you to be proud of your efforts thus far, rather than look at how far you have to go look at how far you have come. My personal story is about 4 stone of solid muscle added over the 7 years, that’s a lot. Putting yourself under undue stress isn’t enjoyable, fair or healthy on yourself – there is a difference between wanting to achieve more and putting yourself down. Living a healthy lifestyle is a journey, not a destination.

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