A Beginners Guide To Size - Get Off To A Flying Start In 3 Steps

Are you familiar with the term ‘’putting the cart before the horse?’’ If not, it doesn’t really matter because it is fairly self-explanatory – prioritising the right things is essential if you want to get ahead. Unfortunately we see on a day to day basis too many people putting the cart before the horse, agonising over things which they shouldn’t be and in turn neglecting areas they really should pay more attention to.  Typical questions will largely be based around ‘’which supplement’’ should be used rather than – ‘’what should my diet look like and which supplements should I use alongside that?’’ They both address the need and importance for supplementation but the latter also acknowledges the importance of a good diet as well.

As a supplement provider we want you to get the most from the products you buy which is why we value sharing real, true, solid advice. Supplements are just that, a ‘’supplement’’ to a good diet. We are going to put things in order now and then you can begin to make better choices and in turn better progress. We call this getting more ‘’bang’’ for your buck!!

1) Diet is king

Never get it twisted, diet is king – you can’t out train a bad diet and if you think eating breakfast cereal and ham sandwiches will allow you to see the results of your supplements then think again. Think of your diet as a platform for your supplements to work – without it their impact will be compromised. As a beginner focus on eating a protein rich meal 5 times a day accompanied by vegetables and have a portion of carbohydrates with 4 of the meals (not breakfast) and fats with three of them (at breakfast, lunch and last meal). Basic advice is often the best as a starting point.

2) Train hard or go home

Some try and tell you to be careful of not over doing it and that stimulation rather than annihilation is the goal – I agree. However, I am yet to meet a beginner who trains too hard. Too long, with half-arsed intensity yes but not too HARD/intense. Get your training straight, don’t go straight for miracle splits – just stick to a basic format which will yield good results and help you build a foundation. In this instance a 3 day split, hitting each body part starting with multi-joint compound movements starting each workout – these include squats, deadlifts, bench press, overhead press and leg press. Keep rest periods short (60-90 seconds), alternate between weeks of ‘’failure’’ with lower reps and weeks nearing failure with higher reps. Keep it simple.

3) Supplements, the necessary cherry on the cake

Hopefully you have a picture in your head now (not a cake with a cherry on top!!) – We have good nutrition, hard training and then supplements. With the first two pieces in place you have a ‘’window of opportunity’’ to get more from your supplements. For starters keep things simple – PhD Whey HT+ for your post-workout shake and pre-breakfast kick-start is a great product. Reflex BCAAs are a superb product to support your muscle gains as is Reflex Creatine Monohydrate. These provide your basic foundation – above and beyond you can make additions as you progress.

We have stripped it back to the ‘’bare essentials’’ for absolute beginners to gain some size.

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