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Mental Preparation + Strong mind = Success

Any physical change requires a certain amount of planning and preparation in order to control the environment around you, ensure you have the correct foods available, planning for any business trips or holidays and generally narrow the need to wonder off the right track and make excuses. These are all standard changes in any successful transformation. But have you thought about preparing your mind for what is to come over the next few months?

We all know how powerful our mind is. It controls everything. Our thoughts, fear, anxiety, habits, motivation, love and passion. How we eat, how we train, excuses we make are all forged in our minds. Of course, outside influences also play a huge part in your compliance to the transformation program and your ultimate success or failure.
If you can prepare your psyche for what is to come then you will be far better placed to address problems that will no doubt arise throughout the transformation process.
Below are a few situations that you may need to think about and address before embarking on your journey.

Address and clear all negative influences:

We all have many negative influences that can slow our progress in any lifestyle change.

Many of which are closer to you then you may realise. Close family, friends and social groups will no doubt pressure you, sometimes unintentionally, into diverting from your goals. ‘Just one drink won’t hurt’ or ‘just have dessert; you’ve done so well you deserve a treat.’ These are just some of the scenarios you will have faced previously or will face during your transformation. These are negative influences and can subconsciously cause you to achieve substandard results and the inevitable guilt and regret that follows.
Solution: Write down all of your negative influences prior to beginning your journey and address each of them. Ensure that all of your close family, friends and social groups are aware of your new lifestyle changes and that you require their support to stay motivated and on track and any temptation or peer pressure should be kept at a minimum. If you feel the influence may derail your transformation then you may want to consider removing that influence completely for the duration of your transformation.

Enhance the positives:

Once the negative influences are cleared you will then want to move on to all of the positives that will keep you motivated and ready to achieve the body you desire. There will be bumps along the way and times where you will feel like giving up. The more positive influences you surround yourself with the better placed you will be to remain on track.
Again, make a list of all the people, places and groups that will keep you accountable, make you feel positive and keep you on track to achieve the body you desire.

Making sacrifices:

You must understand that any drastic change sometimes require drastic change. Making necessary sacrifices is key to succeeding. This may be forgoing nights out, spending less time with some social groups, making time to plan and prepare food as well as making time to train. Understanding that sacrifices MUST be made before you begin will keep you focussed throughout.

Visual motivators:

Visual motivators can be a simple but hugely beneficial weapon to add to your transformation arsenal. Visual motivators can come in many forms and can provide your mind with the positive stimulus it needs to progress. Some of these include.

- Regular progress pictures
- Put pictures of what you look like prior to starting around the house to keep you accountable.
- Keep hold of one piece of old clothing and compare you progress.
- If there are any videos or music that focusses you then make them easily available to you throughout workouts and times of demotivation.

Be creative. Whatever helps motivate you throughout your journey is a bonus. Identify them and keep them close. There will be times when you will need to call on them.
The mind can manipulate us in many ways. Some are obvious, some not so. If you can unclutter your mind of negatives, enhance the positives and implement sound mental strategies then your transformation journey will be a successful one.

Empower Change. Inspire success!

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