Things I Changed - Phil Learney!

Real short little piece on a few things that I personally have changed that have in general improved my nutrition in various capacities.

1. As a nutritional coach realised that if I cut through all of the  c*** that is ‘dietary systems’ there is actually something positive to take from most things. Understanding why things don’t work is VERY valuable as to understanding how things do.

2. I started using a decent dose of high quality fish oils a few years gone by and the difference it made was huge.

3. Stopped being so obsessed with portions and stopped weighing my food as much. Doing things too rigidly is something that long term just isn’t do-able if you have other things to do in life.

4. Off the back of that one of the best investments I have made in the past few years is a ‘sixpackbag’ why? As if I have it I ‘know’ I have stuff in order. It’s big and I have to lug it about but it comes with me and my body fat is probably consistently 2-3% lower throughout the year because of this. It reminds me to prep my food and leave carrying it. I have spare supps, nuts etc incase i get caught on the hop. I don’t just grab what I can anymore when caught unaware as I have it with me.

4. I stopped eating carbs for breakfast. I embraced the Meat and Nut breakfast and hats off to Mr Poliquin on this one. This neurally has impacted me hugely and again I believe I am consistently leaner because of it. I use this with a LOT of my clients now and have nothing but great reports.

5. I prioritise vegetables hugely!!! I eat probably 75% of my protein from red meat and my digestion has never been better, I do cook it rare which helps and the quality of it is always high.

6. Glutamine am and pm in 15-20g dosage. I also use a hefty amount during my longer workouts to the tone of 100+g.

7. Only use powders as food pre/during and post workout.  A treat for me is a little chocolate pudding I make from Whey.

8. I drink alcohol only when an ‘occasion’ justifies it, weddings, Xmas etc. Not because society, my friends or my peers feel I should.

9. I take between 30-40 BCAA capsules during my workout.

10. Stopped ‘ok’ foods. If I feel I even utter the ‘it’ll be ok’ or ‘only this once’ I tend to say no. I’m not a fitness model or a bodybuilder so my career doesn’t hinge on me being in shape but I perform, feel and as a bonus look better when my diet is in check. I wrote a piece called ‘The Little Things’ which is well worth a read.

11. I went wild. Over 60% of what I consume now in the way of protein comes from wild meats. I eat, Bison, Wildebeest, Kangaroo, springbok, Ostrich all on a regular basis. I honestly feel this has impacted my wellbeing and performance positively. I also rotate my protein sources. Remember that the more we eat of specific foods the more we utilise unethical farming methods (supply and demand right) and also things become unsustainable due to this.

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